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Success Stories

Tslil is professional, prepared, punctual, and a pleasure to learn from. Her accurate and up to date advice and warm empathy and encouragement have literally changed my life and the way I think about, purchase, prepare and eat food! Thanks so much!!


I decided to make an appointment with Riverfront Nutrition in mid August. We built great rapport and at no point in time did they ever give me a list of foods that I shouldn’t be having. On the contrary, they worked with the foods that I was already eating and we looked at healthier alternatives. They also encouraged me to try new foods (which is hard when one is very picky). Just by making small changes to my eating habits alone, I was able to lose my initial 10lbs. I continued following their suggestions and when I went to follow up recently, we calculated that I had lost over 20lbs since my initial visit. Therefore, I am very excited to continue seeing my weight loss progress well into my future and very grateful to Riverfront Nutrition for guiding me towards what I know will be a healthier & happier future.


In December of 2010 my A1c was elevated. Acting on the advice of my primary care physician, I sought out a nutritionist. I selected Riverfront Nutritionists from among the list of nutritionists supplied by my physician. They explained how to bring A1c under control. They were very patient taking the time to make sure that I understood their answers when I asked my many questions. I followed their advice and when the results of the next blood tests taken 6 months later the A1c was again in the normal range. The success must be attributed to Riverfront Nutrition. They are professional in every way. It is very clear that their passion is nutrition. Their dedication to their patient’s goes far beyond what is expected.


Riverfront Nutrition is really great at what they do. They know me better than anyone else who works with me on my health. They have been the most helpful people, with giving me all the tools that I need to keep healthy, eat well, but most importantly to lead the kind of life that I want to lead! They treat the whole person and really understand the way people work and what they need for themselves to be successful with nutrition. Their individualized approach and ability to think outside of the box is why I am doing well! Without their patience, knowledge, and wisdom, I would not be as healthy and as happy as I am today!


My Dr. cared enough to send me to a nutritionist and sent me to the right person. I come to see Riverfront Nutrition once a month and they have given me the strength to lose a total of 33 lbs and lower my A1C to 5.1. They don’t rush you; they explain everything and are completely non-judgmental. Riverfront Nutrition has always worked with my lifestyle, my likes and my dislikes in order to help me develop a new way of eating. It’s clear that they LOVE food, and want you to love it too. I’ve now reached my goal weight and am working with them to maintain my new, healthier size and couldn’t be more grateful. Riverfront Nutrition truly gave me the strength to do this.


I have struggled with weight management my entire lifetime. Riverfront Nutrition Associates has great nutritionists. They are fair, supportive and realistic. They guided me as I started my weight management journey and didn’t force me to eat any foods I didn’t like. They now suggest new foods as I continue over time and I have learned to like many foods that I never thought I would eat before. It has only been with their guidance and support have I been willing to do this. In less than a year, I have lost 43 lbs and that is an absolute miracle for me. I do not feel like I am on a diet. We don’t use that word at all. I am truly learning to eat properly. I have more to go but they remind me to focus on the day to day and to avoid focusing on the numbers. I just learn to eat right and the end result is weight loss. And the best part is that I am never hungry. That alone, is a miracle!!


I Glendora Colon have been going to Riverfront Nutrition since March. My nutrition counselor is just wonderful. I am so happy with them, they make me feel so welcome and relaxed and are the reason I’m so successful. I’ve lost 15 pounds since March and I’m so happy. They give me so many wonderful recipes and I’ve learned so much about food and how to eat healthy and that’s very important. I’ve also joined a gym and my life is so much more stable now. I thank God for finding Riverfront Nutrition and for the wonderful experiences that I’m having. They are the best!


As a 54 year old man at 241 pounds, my doctor recommended going to a nutritionist. That is when I met with Riverfront Nutrition and WOW. With their help and understanding I lost a total of 46 lbs in 8 months. Yes, 46 pounds! Just by changing my eating habits; thus becoming one of their biggest success stories. For this, I cannot thank Riverfront Nutrition enough.


Riverfront Nutrition is my hero – they carefully listened to me and helped me find out why I was overeating – they designed a nutritional program tailored to my needs that is easy to follow. Not only have I lost weight – 17 pounds and counting (and three dress sizes!) I now have more energy and sleep better too. I’ve learned how to choose less processed foods, buy more local foods and read labels more carefully. At 52 years old, I feel better than ever.


We want to thank Riverfront Nutrition for being a big support system to helping my husband and I eat healthier. Both my husband and I gained significant weight over time we had health issues with triglycerides and high blood pressure. After not being successful losing weight on our own, we decided to go to Riverfront Nutrition. In our first meet, they said losing weight does not mean you have to deprive yourself of things that you love. As of today my husband lost 24 pounds and I lost almost 10 pounds.


I just wanted to say thank you Riverfront Nutrition for all your help and advice and also just give you an update on how I’ve been. I reached my goal weight over 6 months ago. I am happy with my current weight of 120 lbs!! I am now a Zumba Fitness Instructor and I love it! I continue to work out and eat healthy but I do treat myself often as well. Overall I feel awesome! I am grateful to have met you and just a little advice goes a long way!


I started working with Riverfront Nutrition three months ago and I have enjoyed losing 30 LBS!!! They are true professionals who give you the power and tools to direct your own journey to success. I’m glad that I made the decision to start seeing them. Procrastination of your healthcare, including your diet, is a silent killer.


Riverfront Nutrition has implemented a comprehensive plan that fits my personal lifestyle and I successfully lost 30 lbs!! They have taught me and inspired me to learn about the foods that are beneficial to a healthier life. Through the whole process Riverfront Nutrition has been strongly supportive, caring and understanding and has been able to redirect me to the plan when needed. I now feel physically stronger, energetic, healthier, and in control of my diet.


I’m coming up on my one year mark of seeing Riverfront Nutrition. They have seen me through weight loss and weight gain. Throughout they have been informative, supportive and non-judgmental. Hopefully, with their guidance, I will continue to lose and reach my goals.

My nutritionist has been instrumental in my weight loss journey. They taught me how to make changes in my lifestyle that enabled me to reach my goal of “being in the healthy range“. I lost 60 lbs in just over a year. The best part is I never felt like I was on a diet.

Stormy B.

In my time as a client of Riverfront Nutrition, I have (a) lost over 20 pounds; (b) lowered my A1c; (c) learned a new and more healthful way of eating; (d) been given wonderful new recipes to help achieve my weight-loss goals; and (e) come to know a caring and knowledgeable food therapist who has put me on the right track to a healthier me. Riverfront Nutrition is very friendly and professional, experts in their field. No matter what I ask of them they are able to point me to several right answers, depending on what suits me. They encourage me when I’m down and have never given up on me. Their the best!

I first went to Riverfront Nutrition just to get my diabetes under control and feel like I would see them once and be done with it. Two years later I come every month and never miss an appointment! They have changed (for the better) the way I think about food, exercise and my health, have helped me lose over 30 pounds, helped me control my diabetes, and have just helped me have an overall positive outlook on life.

I have seen other nutritionists in the past, but no one helped me in the way that Riverfront Nutrition has. They took the time to get to know ME and give me suggestions that make sense for who I am and the life I lead. They have amazing recipe and food ideas and never made me feel bad if I didn’t meet my goals or lose the weight I was trying to lose. They are kind and caring and really know how to get you to succeed. Since seeing them all of my blood work has improved and I’ve lost 20 pounds!

There have been times during the last couple of years that have proved very difficult for me to achieve or maintain nutritional balance, but Riverfront Nutrition has been up to the task of ensuring progress. In every session we build on the “good“ without getting bogged down by the inevitable “bad“. Riverfront helped me to succeed, without judgement, by establishing a very unique plan that I can live with. My only regret is not getting here earlier in my life. I am 40 lbs lighter, a great A1C, and I honestly can’t recommend Riverfront Nutrition more strongly!

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